Notice The Wild Flowers

Maddy sat at her stall chirruping away to herself, fully enjoying the first true day of summer. She thought it the right occasion at last to bring her favourite red dress out of hibernation, and she wore it with pride as she swung her legs backwards and forwards under the chair, her clunky red cracked leather shoes giving momentum to each foot whilst the blonde bob on her head swayed in time. Set slightly into the lane in front of the long pathway to her home, Maddy had laid out on a table all

Is the ecological crisis THE human rights concern of the century?

In Virginia, June 1776, a Bill of Rights derived from John Locke’s initial drafting was written. The first clause stated “that all men are by nature equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights, of which, when they enter into a state of society, they cannot, by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity: namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property and pursuing and obtaining happiness” (Cranston, 1964).

Where To Begin With SEO: How To Go From Zero To SEO Hero

Where To Begin With SEO: How To Go From Zero To SEO Hero Have you ever approached a topic and just thought to yourself “I have not the slightest idea where to even begin with beginning”? Of course you have, we all have! If you’re thinking that now about SEO then you’ve already made the best decision you can make because you clicked on this article. So let’s get you started! But first…what is SEO? Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing the content of your website so that you a

How To Make A PNG Transparent Background With GIMP

1. Open your image in GIMP. 2. Use one of the select tools in the sidebar to select the area you want to keep. 3. Click Select > Invert so that the background you want to make transparent is selected. 4. Click Transparency > Add Alpha Channel and then press delete on your keyboard. 5. If you want to reduce the space around your image use the crop tool to make it more compact. Drage the square to size and then double click in the centre to crop your image

The Bird Paintings – J A C Bezer

J A C Bezer’s interest in birds started when he was a child and would spend time at the bird gardens that his aunt and uncle owned. His parents always kept a well-stocked bird table or two in the garden and the birds gathering around them outside the window were a constant presence. J A C’s earliest drawings were all birds from the garden or his father’s RSPB books. A few years ago he read the Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, a book which has the Goldfinch by Fabritius at its heart. This book stuck wi

Biggest Gambling Wins

The house always wins. Try telling that to those involved in some of gambling’s biggest ever payouts. So who are these lucky winners? Let’s start at the poker table. The biggest single payout in poker history came in the 2012 WSOP in Nevada where Antonio Esfandiari went away with a huge $18.3 million out of a prize pool of $42 million. Go big or go home? How about go small and still go home with £1.5 million in your pocket. That’s exactly what 61-year-old Steve Whitely did in 2011 when he put

Blue Gale — First Chapter

“Can I get you anything else mate?” says the tiny little waiter as he takes my empty coffee mug. He looks me in the eyes as he speaks. I look at his throat. “No,” I say, and I consider the matter done, wanting to return to my daydreaming. “You’ve been here since opening mate.” I go back to staring out the window. “Well, we’re only a small place, we can’t really have people sitting around for hours and not ordering. You’ve only had this all day.” This man is sapping my patience and I need h

J A C bezer

J A C Bezer is a self-taught artist from the UK. He paints portraits, figurative and abstract works. Recently he has been combining the latter two as he works on his series entitled The Bird Paintings. Since leaving the UK he has lived in New York, Thailand and now Spain. He also teaches at Arte Bar, a painting and wine studio in the Eixample district of Barcelona. “Whatever I am painting, be it highly representational or completely abstract, I want my work to spark a daydream. A state of imme